Green Choices Program

At Kackenhoff's, we understand the increasing concern for our changing environment. We also, as a family ourselves, relate to the pressures a modern family faces. These were the inspirations which bloomed our "Green Choices Program". Pick the Green Choice that fits your needs best.

  • One free Kackenhoff recycled non-woven shopping bag with a purchase of $200.00 or more before taxes.
  • One free bag of Kackenhoff Planting Soil with every tree purchase (min. value $65.00) to a max. of 5 free bags for 5 trees.
  • In an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels, Kackenhoff's now offers Free Curbside Delivery within 30kms from our nursery, eliminating the need to drive to Kackenhoff's several times for a larger order. A minimum purchase of $700.00 at one time (regular price before taxes) of Potted Nurserystock Only will be delivered on Wednesday (no promised delivery time).

Other restrictions may apply - details at Kackenhoff's Garden Centre. Program may end at any time.

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