Hardy Fruit Trees and Shrubs

September Ruby Apple
September Ruby Apple

Plant an orchard in your backyard and savour the mouth-watering fruits of your labour. All of our fruit trees are propagated on hardy rootstock for Manitoba winter survival.

Kackenhoff’s also carries a wide selection of dwarf apple tree varieties. These apple trees will be about 50% smaller in size than a standard apple tree BUT THE FRUIT IS REGULAR SIZED! There are great advantages to growing a Dwarf Apple Tree:

Northblue Blueberry
Northblue Blueberry
  • Dwarf Apple Trees bear fruit at a younger age – significant fruit production can be achieved two years earlier than with apple trees grown on a standard rootstock
  • Dwarf Apple Trees take up less space in your yard resulting in more yard for you to enjoy and less effort to harvest your crop.
  • Dwarf Apple Trees are hardier because vigorous vegetative growth is reduced due to early fruiting.

Kackenhoff’s carries the following Dwarf Apple Tree varieties:

  • Norland
  • Battleford
  • Norkent
  • Red Sparkle
  • Goodland
  • Fall Red
  • Prairie Sun
  • September Ruby
  • Rescue
  • Dexter Jackson

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Exciting Cherry News!

Carmine Jewel Cherry
Carmine Jewel Cherry

The University of Saskatchewan has released the romance series of absolutely delicious hardy cherries. Cherry bushes in this series are high yielding, with mature plants producing over 25 kilograms of quarter sized fruit per bush and with as much or even more sugar content than Bing cherries. Plants are self-pollinating and usually produce two years after planting.

Kachenhoff’s carries these varieties in the romance series of hardy cherries:

  • Carmine Jewel
  • Crimson Passion
  • Juliette
  • Romeo

Haralred Apple
Haralred Apple

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