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Ernie Kackenhoff apprenticed in Germany as a Nurseryman in the early 1950’s. Seeking his dream of owning his own nursery, he immigrated to Canada in 1955, settling in Winnipeg.

In 1957 Ernie met Susan, a girl from Dauphin who had just moved to the big city of Winnipeg. They each stole each others hearts and were married in 1958.

Times were tough and money scarce but after a countless number of temporary and part time jobs, enough money was set aside so that in 1959 Kackenhoff Nurseries was established.

Barry was born first followed several years later by Janice. Although they had 2 young children, Ernie and Susan grew the business in their oversized lot in Brooklands, producing their first plants there as well as running a landscaping company.

Kackenhoff Nurseries soon outgrew the Brooklands yard and in 1963, Ernie and Susan purchased land outside of St. Norbert and began growing many, many seedlings and cuttings. In 1965, they began retail operations out of a tiny shed. The initial site is where the Kackenhoff’s Garden Centre is situated today.

“Our Business is Growing” is a truthful logo for Kackenhoff Nurseries. Many acres now encompass Kackenhoff Nurseries. There is a 5 acre container sales yard, 6,000 square foot store, and acres of growing fields.

Ernie and Susan, along with both their children n, Barry and Janice, and Barry’s wife Lisa are all actively involved in the business keeping the tradition of courteous, knowledgeable, honest dealings at Kackenhoff’s growing and growing.

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